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Sources: Gingrich To Pay Fine With Own Money


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 16) -- House Speaker Newt Gingrich will announce he is paying a $300,000 ethics violation penalty entirely from personal funds, the bulk of it from a personal loan he must pay back himself, CNN has learned.

The disclosure could be made as early as Thursday, first before fellow Republicans, then publicly, sources said.

The Georgia Republican had met with family members, friends, and close aides in recent days discussing how to pay the penalty.

Options included creating a legal defense fund or using campaign funds.

While Gingrich ultimately decided to use his personal funds, his wife had privately indicated she hated the idea.

The House Ethics Committee in January recommended a reprimand of the Speaker, as well as the $300,000 penalty. The Committee concluded Gingrich broke the rules of the House, in his teaching of a college course funded by tax-exempt organizations.

The ethics panel said Gingrich should have known he was violating the rules and that he had misled the committee, though members disagreed whether that misinformation was intentional.

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