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Reno's Decision: More Of Your Reactions

The e-mail keeps rolling in about Attorney General Janet Reno's refusal to seek appointment of an independent prosecutor to probe Democratic campaign fund-raising.

Here's a sample of the latest. If you want to weigh in on an issue of the day, send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com And remember to include your name and hometown.

'Ill-bred Congressional Opportunists'

I believe that she has made the right decision for this time. It may look illegal, but currently there is no proof of anything illegal. Also I am so sick of these investigations. Having lived in La Jolla, Calif., in my youth I am not surprised at any of this. I remember Nixon's actions long before the White House. We still have problems after all the Nixon stuff and new laws passed then. The FBI has been dirty since the old Hoover days; we also knew about him as a children. Donate the money from investigations to reduce the deficit.

What ever do these people want? What if everyone that is currently being attacked resigned and told the politicians, it's all yours. Ms. Reno, I am sure, is not dependent on any of her critics for definition. I am also sure that she has money for her old age. She has more class than most of the ill-bred congressional opportunists who are so busy attacking her reports. They only show that they can not read the documents that govern her reports.

-- Anna Scull Smith, Hudson, Fla., April 15

'Protect Her Boss'

The IRS will destroy your life at the slightest hint of cheating on the part of a taxpayer, but Janet Reno will go through any contortion necessary to protect her boss. So much has been made public about this scandal that it is impossible to keep track of it all. It is hard to believe that a law hasn't been broken when you consider all that is known: the Lincoln Bedroom, Maggie Williams, Trie, Huang, Hubbell, Erskine Bowles' papers, Clinton's own handwriting requesting money for perks, Al Gore's phone calls on DNC credit cards, Air Force One, Lippo, Chinese attempts to influence the election in the DNC's favor, etc. etc. etc.

Reno obviously got the message from Clinton when shortly after being re-elected to a second term, he purposely allowed Reno's job status to twist in the wind for many weeks. She knows that she upset Clinton by being too independent during his first term. Her continuation as attorney general is obviously a result of her relinquishing this inconvenient character trait. Congress should ask her, under oath, if she promised to ease off on the independent counsels so that she could keep her plum job as head of the Justice Department.

Certainly, the careers of prosecutors at the Justice Department depend upon the attorney general's happiness or unhappiness with them. Make her unhappy, and they can be put on a dead-end case and their career side-tracked. She should stop relying on the crutch that Justice prosecutors are working on the case. They will do what they are told by Reno. After all, she is their boss.

An independent counsel must be appointed to make this scandal public and reduce the secrecy surrounding the administration, the Justice Department and the FBI. Otherwise, the truth will not be known.

Thank you.

-- Dennis Sheerin, April 16

'Endless Republican Witch Hunts'

I thoroughly agree with Janet Reno's decision not to appoint a special prosecutor. I'm tired of these endless Republican witch hunts. We've already wasted too much taxpayer money on special prosecutors who serve no other purpose than to help Republicans to keep the White House tied up and unable to do its job.

If the Republicans want to do a genuine service for the American people, let them start explaining why, under their watch, big corporate lobbyists and contributors have been allowed to be directly involved in writing self-serving laws that undermine the public interest, such as the attempts to water down environmental protection. These things affect us more profoundly than who slept in the Lincoln room.

Maybe in the next election the American voters will wake up and kick these wacko Republicans out of Congress.

-- D. Trunk, April 16

'Doing Her Job'

If anyone would take the time to fully read Ms. Reno's reply letter to the congressional members seeking an independent counsel in this matter, they would know why she has refused to do so. She explains in detail her reasons. Janet Reno definitely seems to be doing her job; I wish the same could be said for Congress. Now it is time for those congressional members to stop wasting time they owe us, the American people, and get back to doing the work they were elected to do. Enough is enough!

-- Bob Romig-Fox, Ann Arbor, Mich., April 16

'Obvious Evidence'

What we have here is (yet) another attempt to protect the Clinton Administration. Lessons should have been learned from Whitewater. An independent counsel is the only way to investigate this latest fiasco. There is obvious evidence of law-breaking involved in the DNC fund-raising. As long as Reno continues with her pathetic decisions, Teflon Bill will able to once again laugh into the face of the American public. Reno should be relieved of her position.

-- Kenneth C. Homer, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 16

'Mere Political Drum-Beating'

Since her nomination to head the Justice Department, I have always had great admiration in Janet Reno ... We have a Justice Department and the FBI to investigate crimes against the nation. They do their job vigorously. We appoint an attorney general to head up that activity. We should not take away their responsibility and function for mere political drum-beating. So much of what we hear from the critics of Ms. Reno's decision to not invoke the independent counsel statute at this time sounds as though they forget that we have the Justice Department and FBI, and they seem to assume that the department and FBI are dogs on a leash following the evil whims of "the White House," rather than the skilled, diligent professionals they really are ...

I am particularly appalled that Ms. Reno's critics claim the alleged campaign finance improprieties constitute a threat to our national security because there is a possibility that a foreign nation may have wished to influence our politics. Her critics seem to fear that somehow China managed to get their man elected to some office, and that he or she will secretly and deliberately undermine our national good for the benefit of our enemy. Wake up out there. Most nations try to influence our politics. They work hard to get the American people, Congress persons and members of the Administration to listen to their views, just to listen, in hopes that our good will toward their nation continues. It is that very willingness to listen to the views of other nations that works toward what peace and prosperity there is in much of the world.

-- Rollie Barcume, Honolulu, Hawaii, April 16

'Simply Not Warranted, Period'

I sincerely hope that you do not take too deeply to heart the seemingly overwhelming voices against Janet Reno's decision not to appoint a special prosecutor since demographics show most Web cruisers are conservative Republicans anyway.

The fact of the matter, politics aside, is that a prosecutor is simply not warranted, period. Sure, the ugly face of what really goes on has seen a little light of day. But, if fund-raising is going to be investigated, then let's investigate EVERYBODY'S fund-raising including Republicans. Republicans are fighting ferociously to keep their financing from being investigated because they know they are the kings of soft money. Witness the 401.c.3 organizations that are formed solely for the purpose of doing "research" into conservative causes and philosophy and that pump mega-millions into Republican coffers. Every radical right organization from the Christian Coalition to GOPAC raises soft money while giving their members a tax break.

Democrats are actually too dumb, stupid, disorganized or naive to orchestrate the well-greased money raising machines that can approach what the GOP raises.

So, if any campaign finances are being investigated, then let's look at ALL campaign financing or forget the whole thing. Republicans who throw a fit because Janet Reno didn't appoint a prosecutor to investigate Democrat campaign financing loose credibility in direct proportion to the amount of whining they do when they vote House committee chairs sole subpoena power for the entire committee to investigate the Democrats but block the investigation of Republicans.

-- Gary Woitena, San Antonio, Texas April 15

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