Gingrich Penalty
Top Story: Dole Helps Gingrich With Personal Loan

Reaction: Many on Capitol Hill give thumbs-up. Plus, check out a full meal of sound bites.

Transcript: Missed the speech? Read it here.

Loan Terms: A sweetheart deal? Evaluate the details yourself.

Dole's Statement

Gingrich's FAQs: The release from speaker's office

Player Profile: Newt Gingrich

Special Report: Check out the background, the complaints, a timeline and the players involved with Gingrich's ethics case.

Voter's Voice: What do you think of the Dole loan?

Bulletin Boards: Join the debate on Gingrich's decision.

In Other News: Reno defends her independent counsel decision; White House hosts child development conference.


Text Of Dole Statement On Gingrich Loan

The following is the text of a statement from former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole:

I applaud the decision by Speaker Gingrich to pay with personal funds. In taking responsibility for his actions and making this difficult decision despite other options for payment he has yet again shown himself to be a man of integrity. As a senior leader of the republican party, I am pleased that our highest ranking elected official has chosen to set an example of accountability and ethics for the nation through his words and actions. For that reason and many more Newt is a friend and I am pleased that I can be of assistance.

I consider this not only an opportunity to support a friend but a long term investment in the future of our party. Today we bring this story to a close and a united republican party moves forward with its positive vision for the next millennium as articulated by one of our most effective leaders, Newt Gingrich.

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