Monday April 21, 1997

Poll: Clinton's Approval Suffering Little
Lott Optimistic About A Budget Agreement
The Net: What's Government's Role?

Back In TIME: The "Just Folks" Presidency

Congressional Quarterly:
Five Amendments To Dominate Debate
Probes Generate More Heat And Paper Than Action
Swelling Supplemental Spending Bill Is Another Victim of Spring Floods
Gingrich-Dole Loan Sparks Party-Line Outbursts
Hard-Liners and Pragmatists Fight for GOP's Fiscal Soul
Bills Would Punish 'Browsing' Of Returns by IRS Workers
High Court Asked To Expedite Case
The Doles' Fortunes: Still Rising
GOP Conservatives Get Their Wish As Louisiana Probe Expanded
A New Dynamic Splits the Vote
Senate Passes Domestic Version of Ban
Chemical Arms Ban's Chances Put at 50-50 in Senate
Waste Site Bill Passes Senate, Remains Vulnerable to Veto
E-mail From Washington:
Clinton Orders Safeguards For Children's Health
Daschle Chides GOP On Chemical Weapons Treaty
Gingrich Says Loan Plan Makes Him Feel 'Liberated'
TIME On Politics: for the week of April 27
Buddy, Can You Spare...
Why Reno's Tin Ear Is No Longer A Virtue
But Will It Hurt Al?
Making Amends Early And Often
The Corporate Crusaders
A Monumental Mistake
A Dead Issue
'Toons: Bill Mitchell On Dole & The FBI