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Questions On The Chemical Weapons Convention

Chemical Weapons Treaty

The Chemical Weapons Convention seemed to be bulletproof. The treaty was negotiated by the Reagan and Bush administrations and signed by President George Bush on his way out of office. President Bill Clinton is a strong supporter of it. It has a long, bipartisan list of supporters.

But with the vote approaching Thursday, the pact's chances seem only about even. Why is this? What is the treaty all about?

Here's a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Why the big rush now to get it passed?
What are the mechanics of getting a treaty passed?
Who is supporting the treaty?
Who is opposing the treaty?
Why has it been so difficult to get this treaty through the Senate?
What are the treaty's provisions?
What are the arguments for the pact?
What are the arguments against the pact?
Why can't the Senate just rewrite the text to its liking and move it along?
Who are the players in this debate?
What kinds of chemicals are affected by the treaty?
Are there any exceptions?
When have chemical weapons been used on the battlefield?
Who has ratified the pact? Who has not?

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