June 16, 1997

Troubles For Thompson's Show

Wily Democrats and G.O.P. skeletons gum up his campaign-fund probe
By Michael Weisskopf

Time cover

Calvin Trillin On Sex In The Military

Military Ardor

The Peril Of Prosecutorial Passion

By Viveca Novak

Military Kiss And Tell

Adulterated standards; What's the Pentagon to do when scandal snags the top candidate for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?
By Mark Thompson

Human Cloning: To Ban Or Not To Ban?

The report of a presidential commission sets the stage for a national debate on human cloning
By Christine Gorman

Talking The Talk, But ...

Will Clinton's race-relations initiative go beyond rhetoric?
By Karen Tumulty

Garry Trudeau On A Paula-Bill Settlement

By Garry Trudeau

Notebook: The Scoop

The Middle East: a diplomat gets a dressing down