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Paula Jones Attorney Quits

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 23) -- Paula Jones' first lawyer is quitting her case, and his departing comments call into question one of the most publicized details of her sexual harassment complaint against President Bill Clinton.

Saying that it was "just time to move on," attorney Daniel Traylor informed his client last week that he would no longer be attached to the case, the Legal Times reported today.

Jones claims that then-Gov. Clinton propositioned her on May 8, 1991 in a Little Rock, Ark., hotel room. In one titillating detail included in her 1994 complaint, Jones said that she saw "distinguishing characteristics" in Clinton's genital area.

But Traylor says that he doesn't recall Jones ever mentioning "distinguishing characteristics," according to the Legal Times.

And when asked if he still believes Jones' story, Traylor would only say, "There's only two people that really know what went on."

Traylor has assumed a backseat role in the case since May 1994. Joseph Cammarata, another attorney for Jones, downplayed Traylor's assertions, telling The Associated Press that he probably never asked the right question.

"How about he never asked the question?" Cammarata said. "The guy's a real estate lawyer. That's why he needed some help. 'What did you see? Was there anything distinguishing?' I asked that question. I got an answer."

The Legal Times also quoted Carol Phillips, a former receptionist in for the governor, who said Jones spoke to her the day after the alleged episode.

Phillips, who now works in Washington for the Department of Agriculture, recalls that Jones spoke in a "happy and excited manner," relating that she and the governor had "met in a room and they just talked."

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