June 23, 1997

Sorry, Pardner: Tobacco Deal Stymies Industry

Big Tobacco fesses up and pays up -- $368.5 billion, but Congress must approve the deal
By Jill Smolowe

Time cover

Newt Gingrich: Julius Speaker?

Uh-oh, Newt Gingrich is in trouble again, and guess which "friend" has that lean and hungry look
By Karen Tumulty

The Suggestion Box: Mama Mia, That's a Mea Culpa

By Walter Shapiro

Sorry Isn't Good Enough

A simple apology for slavery leaves unpaid debts
By Jack E. White

The Secret Missile Deal

The CIA has discovered that China is helping Pakistan build a missile plant. Will the U.S. object?
By Douglas Waller

Britian to China: The Big Handover

For the first time Britian is giving a colony to a communist state. The people of Hong Kong are both proud and anxious.
By Johanna McGeary

One Country, Many Systems: Inside China

As Hong Kong is reunited with China, it will change the mainland as much as China changes it
By Johanna Mc Geary


The Scoop
By J.F.O. McAllister