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E-mail From Washington

From: CNN
In: Los Angeles
Posted 7-9-97

Subject: Paula Jones Retains New Spokeswoman

paula jones

Paula Jones, who alleges she was propositioned by then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton in 1991, has a new spokeswoman, Susan Carpenter-McMillan.

Jones briefly appeared in front of reporters in Los Angeles Wednesday to introduce Carpenter-McMillan. She then quickly left without answering questions while Carpenter-McMillan spoke.

Carpenter-McMillan described herself as a conservative and ardent feminist, who has stood by long enough listening to people who don't know Jones talk about Jones. Describing herself as a close friend of Jones, she said she "needed to make her defense of Jones official."

"I've heard James Carville spew his filthy white trash comments long enough, where he talks about $100 running through a trailer [park]," Carpenter-McMillan said.

carpenter mcmillan

"I've heard Betty Friedan say this isn't really sexual harassment," she said. "I've watched the women's movement, who tripped over their panty hose defending Anita Hill, suddenly go mute. Well, I want to tell you today that I'm not going to speak for Paula. I'm going to be speaking about Paula."

Carpenter-McMillan also will head Jones' legal defense fund, but she said she had no idea how much money was in it.

She will be helping Jones any way she can -- recommending fund-raisers and introducing Jones to people she knows. All the money raised, Carpenter-McMillan says, will go to pay legal fees and for any investigative work that has to be done.

Carpenter-McMillan compared this case to "David versus Goliath." She repeated what Jones' attorneys have said in the past, that "this case is not about money, that Paula Jones doesn't want any money, that all she wants is an apology and an admission."

Jones filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton three years after the alleged incident, and after he became president. In her lawsuit, Jones alleges she was summoned to Clinton's room at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock in 1991. She claims that Clinton exposed himself and asked her to perform a sex act.

Clinton had asked that the case be delayed until he left office, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last month that it could proceed.

Last week, the president filed his formal response to the case, denying all of Jones' allegations. And his attorney has asked Jones for a copy of an affidavit she signed which describes the distinguishing physical characteristics she says she noticed on Clinton when he allegedly exposed himself to her.

Jones' legal team will have 30 days to respond once the case is formally returned to federal court in Little Rock.

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