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E-mail From Washington

From: Wolf Blitzer and John King/CNN
In: Washington
Posted 7-31-97

Subject: Jones' Attorneys Allege Other Sexual Advances By Clinton


Lawyers for Paula Jones have subpoenaed a woman who worked in the White House in 1993, alleging the president also made sexual advances toward her.

But this afternoon, attorneys for the woman, Kathleen E. Willey, issued a statement saying Willey was "outraged that she is being pulled into the Paula Jones case" and will fight the subpoena.

Willey's attorneys said that she had worked at the White House and "continues to have a very good relationship with the president."

The statement from Willey's attorneys said, "She does not know Paula Jones and does not have any information that would be relevant to her." Jones has accused Clinton of making a crude sexual overture to her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1991.

The president's lawyer, Robert Bennett, said any allegation the president made advances to Willey are "completely false."

Willey lives in the Richmond, Va., area. She worked in the 1992 Clinton campaign and later in both the White House social office and the counsel's office. Sources said Jones' lawyers want to depose Willey in August to determine if there is any truth to rumors that Clinton made sexual advances during a meeting to discuss her White House employment.

Bennett tells CNN that Jones' lawyers have also subpoenaed Betsey Wright, who was Clinton's chief of staff in Little Rock when he was governor of Arkansas. During the 1992 campaign, Wright was responsible for handling news media questions that followed Gennifer Flowers' allegations of an affair with Clinton. Wright once said that a major part of her campaign job was preventing "bimbo eruptions."

There's no allegation in the second subpoena filed by Jones' lawyers that Wright was sexually harassed by Clinton.

As for the subpoena to Willey, Bennett said, "This is just a behind-the-scenes effort to humiliate and embarrass the president in the hope of prompting us to settle the case. We are not going to be intimidated."

Bennett also says he's particularly angry that Jones' lawyers are "trying to preempt" the federal district court judge in Little Rock who is deciding on "the proper course of discovery" in the case.

Joseph Cammarata, one of Jones' attorneys, would not directly comment on the subpoena, but told The Associated Press that Clinton's sexual history is relevant to the case. "If he grabbed and groped one, and grabbed and groped another, and a third, well it might answer the question about what he did here," Cammarata said. "It establishes a pattern of practice."

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