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Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

Hearing Highlights, 7/31/97

' ... We were told not to contact Charlie Trie'


"I am certain we were told not to contact Charlie Trie, we were to start with finding out who he was, what his background was, starting with the public database."

-- Terry Lenzner, head of Investigative Group International (IGI), who investigated suspect donations Trie brought to the Clintons' legal defense fund.

'Mr. Trie certainly could have shed some light'


"We agreed when you testified at your deposition that it was your view as a seasoned and outstanding investigator that Mr. Trie certainly could have shed some light on the whole process of these contributions had he been talked to, right?"

"Certainly he had the potential to do so, Mr. Madigan."

-- Majority Counsel Michael Madigan and Terry Lenzner.

'I do mind you messing with my family'


"You know I don't really mind you messing with me, but I do mind you messing with my family ... You were quite willing to investigate and interview people that may be knowledgeable of my background, but you weren't willing to investigate or to personally interview Mr. Trie who brought in almost half a million dollars in a bunch of checks that were certainly suspect."

-- Sen. Don Nickles (R-Okla.) to Terry Lenzner

'... A line to be drawn here'


"There is a line to be drawn here. We should all draw it together in terms of personal intrusion of our loved ones."

-- Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois

'... an intrusion into the system'


"It seems to be an attempt to investigate the private lives of members of Congress as a way to affect their votes. And that's really an intrusion into the system." -- Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.)

'...just trying to help a person in need'


"We were just trying to help a person in need, just like help homeless people or help disaster victims."

-- Zhi Hua Dong, explaining why a Buddhist sect had contributed to the president's legal fund.

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