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Giuliani's Wife: No Pipeline To City Hall

Hanover avoids discussing mayor's alleged infidelity during Liz Smith interview

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NEW YORK (AllPolitics, Aug. 6) -- Donna Hanover says she opted out of husband Rudolph Giuliani's re-election campaign because she didn't want people to treat her as a pipeline to City Hall.

In an interview with the gossip columnist Liz Smith, Hanover said she didn't want to be seen as a conduit to the mayor. But she skirted questions about whether her marriage is in ruins because of Giuliani's alleged "intimate" affair with a top female aide.

In its September issue due to hit New York newsstands today, Vanity Fair magazine claims that Mayor Giuliani has an ongoing relationship with his communications director, Cristyne Lategano, and the Giuliani-Hanover marriage is in trouble.

"I have discovered, being first lady of New York City, that many people want me to intercede for them with the mayor," Hanover said in the Liz Smith interview, published in today's New York Post. "I decided it would be better for me to choose my own focus, which is not political ... I wanted to remove myself from appearing to be a conduit to the mayor, or someone people could ask to intercede."


The Vanity Fair story suggests that the mayor and his wife will separate after the November election, in which Giuliani is seeking a second term. So far, he appears to be cruising toward easy re-election, buoyed by the Big Apple's falling crime rates.

Hanover, once a vocal campaigner for her husband, never appears with him at campaign events now. She said her children -- Andrew, 11, and Caroline, 7 -- have been her first concern, as reports of marital discord bubbled into public view this week.

"(This) has been a big part of my work, shielding them from their life as public children," Hanover told Smith. "I haven't spoken to them about any of this in the papers. They do not see the papers and they have not asked me questions."

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