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E-mail From Washington

From: CNN
In: Washington
Posted 9-3-97

Subject: Burton Asks White House To Explain New Fund-Raising Documents

The congressman heading the House investigation into improper campaign fund-raising has asked the White House to explain why so many new documents are coming to light after the White House claimed it had already turned over all relevant documents to congressional investigators.

Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, sent a letter to White House Counsel Charles Ruff on Tuesday.

In it, Burton quoted Ruff as saying in June that the White House had produced all documents responsive to Burton's committee's subpoenas. But Burton lists several key files and documents that the White House has turned over to the committee in the last two weeks.

Burton expressed concern that these documents had not come to light earlier, saying, "How did such a large volume of significant and clearly responsive documents escape the attention of your staff prior to your certification? ... Are there other White House documents in your possession that shed light on this matter that have yet to be turned over?"

In the letter, Burton asks Ruff for an explanation and reminds him that it is his legal obligation to comply with the House subpoenas.

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E-mail From Washington:
Burton Asks White House To Explain New Fund-Raising Documents

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