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TIME Daily: Goodbye, Paula Jones (9/8/97)

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E-mail From Washington

From: Bob Franken/CNN
In: Washington
Posted 9-8-97

Subject: Paula Jones' Attorneys Want Out

Attorneys for Paula Jones today filed a motion with U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright asking that they be allowed to withdraw from her sex harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton.

The motion, sent to Little Rock, Ark., by Federal Express, cited "fundamental differences of opinion as to the future course of this litigation" between the two attorneys -- Joseph Cammarata and Gilbert Davis -- and Paula Jones, along with her husband Stephen Jones.

Cammarata and Davis, as reported last month by CNN, have been sporadically negotiating with President Clinton's lawyer Robert Bennett to try to reach an out-of-court settlement to her lawsuit over charges that in May 1991 then-Gov. Clinton exposed himself and pressured her to engage in sexual activity with him in a Little Rock hotel room.

Judge Wright has scheduled a trial for May 27, 1998.

Cammarata and Davis were known to be pushing for a vague apology from President Clinton, along with a monetary settlement, while Jones and her husband were intent on a more explicit apology.

Bennett, who is in Australia, has repeatedly said there would be no such apology.

Judge Wright must approve the withdrawl before it can happen, so Cammarata and Davis are still Jones' lawyers.

Jones' recently acquired spokeswoman, Susan Carpenter McMillan, said, "Paula doesn't want them to quit, there was never any reason for them to quit, we only wanted to expand the legal team."

In the meantime, McMillan said her husband, attorney William McMillan, will continue any further negotiations on an out-of-court settlement on Jones' behalf, but won't try the case.

Susan Carpenter McMillan says negotiations continue to find new lawyers for the case. When asked whether there had been interest, she said, "Oh, yes."

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E-mail From Washington:
Paula Jones' Attorneys Ready To Withdraw

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