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Clinton Lays Out A Fall Agenda

President focuses on education, Medicare reform and trade authority in university speech


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sep. 9) -- In a speech to students at American University, President Bill Clinton reiterated his fall legislative agenda and asked for continued bipartisan cooperation from Congress.

Clinton gave what aides called a "back-to-work" talk, focusing on Medicare and Social Security reform, expanded educational opportunities and so-called "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements. Congress is considering whether to give Clinton the authority to negotiate trade agreements that lawmakers can only approve or reject, but not modify.

"We do not need to be afraid to trade with the rest of the world," Clinton said. "We are the most productive economy in the world. There will always be changes in this economy, there will always be new jobs being created and some going away, but on balance, we have benefitted for 60 years by leading the way to integrate the world's economies, and that will promote peace, it will promote freedom, it will promote stability. It will raise the level of living standards in other parts of the world, even as it maintains America as the world's most prosperous nation."

Clinton also recapped the balanced budget agreement and plans to appoint an independent commission to revamp Medicare.

"We have shown that we can put our fiscal house in order, while improving services for our elderly," Clinton said. "Now we have to secure the future of this program."

Clinton also called on the Senate to hold hearings on his nomination of William Weld to be ambassador to Mexico. So far, Sen. Jesse Helms has blocked a hearing.

Fund-raising on his agenda, too

Tonight, Clinton will attend two fund-raising dinners in Washington that are expected to raise a total of more than $1 million, according to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The first fund-raiser benefits the Democratic Business Council and is slated to raise $500,000, at $10,000 per ticket. Clinton will then attend a DNC dinner at the same hotel. The dinner costs $25,000 a ticket and is expected to raise $550,000.

The DNC says the funds will be a mixture of hard and soft money, with approximately 70 people attending. DNC Chairman Steve Grossman will attend.

CNN's Eileen O'Connor and Sara Ruth contributed to this report.

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Clinton Lays Out A Fall Agenda

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