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E-mail From Washington

From: Janet Moore and Sara Ruth/CNN
In: Washington
Posted 9-9-97

Subject: Senate Democrats Prep For Trade, Tobacco Deal

Senate Democrats need more details on President Bill Clinton's "fast track" trade legislation, according to Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.). A series of meetings between Senate Democrats and administration officials will take place today and Wednesday to address concerns on agriculture, labor and environmental issues. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Commerce Secretary William Daley are expected to be a part of those meetings.

Daschle told reporters he will meet with Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala and domestic policy advisor Bruce Reed this week on the proposed settlement with the tobacco industry. Daschle says there are still a lot of questions on how to proceed on the issue, and more negotiations are needed. Daschle predicted movement toward the pact's approval will slow and there will be more thoughtful consideration in Congress than existed the last few months.

Daschle continued his push for national education testing, stressing the importance of having a report card on schools.

Meanwhile, Vice President Al Gore called on Congress to give Clinton the so-called fast track authority to negotiate free trade agreements. Gore argued in a speech to the Software Publishers Association that the authority has been given to every president since Gerald Ford and is a necessity. "It is the way these agreements are negotiated in the modern era," Gore said.

"We need to stay on the fast track of global prosperity," Gore said. "We've come way too far to turn back now."

Gore defined the issue as more than just about "a handful of trade treaties," saying it is "about our future as a nation at the dawn of the new century." Gore said Congress should help to build the future and turn away from protectionism.

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