Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

Temple Bookkeeper, 'I really got nervous'

Aired September 4, 1997

ALAN BARON, CHIEF MINORITY COUNSEL: "I'd like to direct the next series of questions to the Venerable Yi Chu if I may. You have testified that at some point when you began reading the press, hearing the press reports, reading the press reports about the event, you destroyed or altered some documents. Is that correct?"

YI-CHU, HSI LAI TEMPLE BOOKKEEPER (through interpreter): "Yes."

BARON: "Am I correct that you decided to do that on your own? It was your own decision?"

YI-CHU: "Yes."

BARON: "Just to make sure, Maria Hsia did not tell you to do that, am I correct?"

YI-CHU: "That's right."

BARON: "John Huang did not ask you to destroy or alter any documents, is that correct?"

YI-CHU: "That's right."

BARON: "No one from the White House or the DNC asked you to destroy or alter any documents. Is that correct?"

YI-CHU: "That's right."

BARON: "What was your motive in making this judgment on your own to do that? "

YI-CHU: "Well, developments were unfolding so fast that I was -- I really got nervous. See, I'm the bookkeeper of the temple, but I'm not a professional accountant. And for a lot of entries, I don't know how to deal with them. So I decided to destroy some of the documentation and make some new entries in the books."

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