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IRS To Audit Paula Jones

Jones' spokeswoman calls the timing 'very peculiar'


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sep. 15) -- Paula Jones, who is pressing a a sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton, has been notified she and her husband are the focus of an Internal Revenue Service audit.

Jones has not commented publicly about the IRS notice, which she received Friday, but her spokeswoman, Susan Carpenter-McMillan, called the timing "very peculiar." The notice came about a week after three attorneys for Jones -- Gil Davis, Joseph Cammarata, and Daniel Traylor -- were allowed to leave Jones' sexual harassment case.

"I find the timing very peculiar," Carpenter-McMillan told The Associated Press. "I would only ask the American public what they think about the timing. Most people in the public would find it a little odd. ... How many people renting and making under $40,000 a year get audited?" she asked.

Jones, her two children, and her husband Stephen Jones' live in Orange County, Calif., and reportedly live off his $37,000-per-year salary.


White House spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters the White House was uninvolved in the IRS probe.

"We have done some dumb things from time to time, but we're not certifiably insane," McCurry said.

Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, alleges then-Gov. Bill Clinton pressured her for sexual favors in a hotel room in May 1991. The president has said he doesn't recall meeting her.

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Jones' Settlement Talks Set For Tuesday

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