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E-mail From Washington

From: Carin Dessauer/CNN
In: San Marino, Calif.
Posted 10-1-97

Subject: Paula Jones Names New Attorney


Paula Jones, who is suing President Bill Clinton over alleged sexual misconduct, said Wednesday that Texas attorney Donovan Campbell will be her new lawyer.

Jones' spokeswoman Susan Carpenter McMillan said Jones chose Campbell as her "litigation counsel" because he and his firm were willing to "take this case to trial." (224K wav sound)

Clinton attorney Robert Bennett told CNN that Campbell called him Wednesday morning to "tell him that he would be Jones' new attorney." Bennett said that it is his understanding that Campbell is the only attorney now representing Jones in her lawsuit.

Clinton's attorney told CNN that he and Campbell did not discuss any change in the case, now that Jones had retained a new counsel. "We are just proceeding with what we were doing," Bennett said. "This does not change anything."

jones carpenter  mcmillan

Jones' new attorney, (who goes by the nickname "Don"), is based in Dallas, Texas with the firm of Rader, Campbell, Fisher and Pyke. One of Jones' former attorneys, Joe Cammarata, told CNN that he has not yet had conversations with any new attorney for Jones.

"They have not contacted me," Cammarata said. Cammarata and attorney Gil Davis quit in early September over the direction of her case. Jones said she disagreed with her former attorneys who, she said, wanted her to accept a settlement offer.

Carpenter McMillan said the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville, Va., would be paying Campbell's fees. The Institute describes itself as a non-profit legal educational organization specializing in the defense of human liberty and religious rights.

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