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Reno Won't Comment On Gore Inquiry

She faces a Friday deadline to decide on 90-day probe


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Oct. 2) -- The clock is ticking toward a decision at the Justice Department on expanding its investigation of Vice President Al Gore's campaign fund-raising activities.

At her weekly briefing today, Attorney General Janet Reno refused to comment on progress toward a decision on whether to proceed with a 90-day probe into Gore's activities. Reno said any decision she makes will be based on a careful review of the case.

Reno has until Friday to decide whether to take the next step toward naming an independent counsel in the case. (352K wav sound)

"We must not prejudge," Reno said. "We must seek the truth and we must apply the truth as the law dictates." (448K wav sound)


Today, Reno is expected to continue to review a staff recommendation to proceed with the inquiry, and by mid-morning tomorrow, she should make a decision. She has an additional two weeks to review similar allegations about President Bill Clinton's political fund-raising.

Today, when Clinton was asked whether a 90-day probe of Gore would be "helpful," the president said that under the independent counsel law, Reno can consider certain issues in the 90-day period that she cannot in the initial 30-day review period. (448K wav sound)

Clinton would not comment further, though. "I think this is a legal question and it should be done based on an independent legal review, with no pressure from the outside, from me or from anyone else, and that's the way I intend to keep it, at least on my part," Clinton said.

CNN's Pierre Thomas contributed to this report.

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