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Sworn Testimony Begins In Jones v. Clinton

Paula Jones' mother and sister give depositions

By Bob Franken/CNN

jones case

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Oct. 13) -- Sworn testimony in Paula Jones' sexual harassment suit against President Bill Clinton began today.

Jones was there, accompanying her mother, as the lawyers began the deposition process in Little Rock, Ark. Jones is scheduled to give sworn testimony herself next month but attorneys began by questioning her mother and her sister, Charlotte Brown.


Brown has long accused her sister of having ulterior motives. "I was visiting with her over at my mother's and she told me that 'Whichever way it went, it smelt money.' That was her own words," Brown said in 1994.

Jones has always denied this, but the lawyers say they're trying to determine exactly what her family was told. Jones charges that in May 1991, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel room and asked for sexual favors.


When she filed her case, Jones contended she could detail some of the president's "unique" physical characteristics.

But the president's lawyer Bob Bennett says an examination of the president during his annual visit to Bethesda Naval Hospital last week shows Jones' claim to be false.

Bennett said, "The president was thoroughly examined. Had the press asked Dr. O'Connell at the press conference, he would've said the president does not have any unique characteristics in any manner, shape or form ... This is just an effort on their part to embarrass and humiliate the president. It's making our country the laughingstock of the world. It's time to end it."


Jones' attorneys have issued subpoenas to several women in Clinton's past, seeking information about charges he was an adulterer.

Jones' own sexual past will also be explored through depositions issued not by Clinton but by the attorney for his co-defendant, state police bodyguard Danny Ferguson. After a political uproar, the president's attorney abandoned that strategy directly.

Jones has turned down one settlement offer of $700,000, claiming that didn't satisfy her primary demand for an apology.

While the settlement possibility still exists, the depositions in Little Rock will continue toward a trial deadline next May.

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