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Paula Jones Deposed By Clinton Attorney


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AllPolitics, Nov. 12) -- President Bill Clinton's attorney today began deposing Paula Corbin Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who has sued the president for sexual harassment.

Jones, who brushed aside reporters' questions as she entered a downtown office building this morning, was expected to face tough questioning from seasoned Washington lawyer Robert Bennett.

"I would anticipate it will be a very grueling morning. I cannot imagine Mr. Bennett going lightly on her at all," said Jones' spokeswoman, Susan Carpenter-McMillan.

"But Paula wants her day in court," Carpenter-McMillan added. "That has never changed. It won't change today and it won't change tomorrow."

Lawyer: Jones concerned about her civil rights

Meanwhile, Jones' attorney says his client wants to drop a defamation claim against Arkansas state trooper Danny Ferguson since she is foremost concerned with violations of her civil rights.

"The primary thrust of this suit is a violation of her civil and constitutional rights and we intend to win on that," Jones lawyer Donovan Campbell told The Associated Press.


That doesn't entirely jibe with her May 1994 filing when Jones sued President Bill Clinton and Ferguson "for the sole reason of clearing my name." She alleges Clinton made unwanted sexual advances while Ferguson defamed her reputation by telling a magazine she was eager to be Clinton's mistress.

One reason for the shift may be strategic: If a federal judge grants Jones' request, inquiries into the former state employee's past would cease, while a probe of Clinton's past would continue.

Clinton's attorneys on Tuesday filed papers objecting to Jones' request. Clinton has denied her allegations and says he has no memory of meeting her.

Meanwhile, another Arkansas state trooper, Roger Perry, repeated his claim during depositions Tuesday that he helped arrange adulterous affairs for Clinton.

"I stand by everything I've always said," Perry said. "That's the truth."

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Paula Jones Deposed By Clinton Attorney

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