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Berkeley Paper Apologizes For Chelsea Column

Author had exhorted fellow students to 'show your spirit on Chelsea's bloodied carcass'

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WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Nov. 24) -- An editor of a University of California student newspaper has apologized for a column that appeared in the paper last week that advocated killing and trampling first daughter Chelsea Clinton -- and revealed which Stanford dorm she lives in.

The reason? The big annual football game between Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley. "Show your spirit on Chelsea's bloodied carcass," read the Thursday column by Berkeley senior Guy Branum. "She embodies the Stanford ethos of establishment worship that must be subverted and destroyed."

"Is hate a strong word? Yes. Is it applicable? Certainly," Branum wrote.

The editor of Berkeley's Daily Californian, Ryan Tate, apologized for undermining a "student's physical safety" and the reputation of the newspaper, but said the apology had nothing to do with Clinton's being the president's daughter.

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"If it had been another freshman ... that would have been unacceptable, too," Tate said. "It was a big error on our part. It's something we had to take responsibility for. That doesn't excuse that it ran in the first place."

The incident is especially awkward for the University of California campus, as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives today for a meeting on foster care.

Branum said he was being satirical and that his words shouldn't be taken literally. "When we sing, 'Give them the ax in the neck,' we are not actually suggesting that Stanford students be decapitated," Branum said. "We're just having fun with the imagery of violence to express our animosity."

"I seriously thought that just people here on campus would read it," Branum said. "If (Chelsea) was offended by it, I apologize."

The White House declined any comment on the column. And the game? Stanford won, 21-20.

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