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E-mail From Washington

From: John King/CNN White House Correspondent
In: Washington
Posted 11-24-97

Subject: Clinton Considers 'Recess Apointment' For Lee

President Bill Clinton is still debating whether to give a so-called "recess appointment" to his choice to head the civil rights division of the Justice Department, White House sources tell CNN.

Bill Lann Lee's nomination stalled in Congress because of opposition from Republicans. Democrats used procedural tactics to preserve the possibility of a Senate confirmation vote next year, but do not have the votes to prevail now.

With Congress out of session, Clinton has the power to give Lee a one-year recess appointment. But such a move would anger Republicans, and some Clinton advisors are warning against souring relations with the congressional majority.

Still, sources tell CNN most of Clinton's top aides are in favor of a recess appointment and a decision could come in the next few days. One said Clinton was leaning in favor of such an appointment, but another insisted there was no final decision and cautioned against speculating.

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E-Mail From Washington:
Clinton Considers 'Recess Apointment' For Lee

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