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Reno Hospitalized In Mexico City


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Nov. 26) -- Attorney General Janet Reno was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City Tuesday night, apparently suffering from gall stones and fatigue, authorities said.

Reno, who was in Mexico City for a meeting of the 28-nation Inter-American Association of Public Prosecutors, briefly fainted at a reception and felt nauseated, according to Justice Department spokesman Bert Brandenburg.

Reno, 59, was released from the Estado Mayor Presidencial military hospital this morning and talked to her staff, saying she was fine. She attended the conference's opening session and later flew to her home town of Miami, where she will spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

"She's fine," President Bill Clinton said, when asked about Reno's condition. "I talked to her this morning. She said she's feeling great."

Reno became ill during the conference's opening reception at the El Camino Real hotel. FBI agents who guard Reno on trips helped her to a chair when she felt faint, then took her to the hospital when her discomfort persisted.

Reno has been diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson's disease, but sources say medication has the symptoms of the illness well in hand. She keeps a rigorous schedule, and often works weekends and late evenings.

Next week, Reno is expected to announce her decision about whether to seek an independent counsel to probe alleged campaign fund-raising abuses by President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. She put off the decision Tuesday and left for the Mexico City conference. She faces a Dec. 2 deadline to decide about an independent counsel.

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