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GOP Investigators Claim New Money-Laundering Evidence Against Trie

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 8) -- Republican congressional investigators say they have found additional evidence of campaign money-laundering by presidential pal Charlie Trie.

The investigators say they traced $80,000 from a Trie bank account to one in California, where it it ended up in the hands of a man named Antonia Pan.

Investigators say they have evidence that Pan then took the cash, in $50 and $100 bills, and distributed it to Asian-American friends, who in turn wrote checks to the Democratic National Committee. It's illegal under federal election law to give contributions in another person's name.

The congressional investigators say the money seems to have originated from overseas, which would also be illegal. They say Trie received nearly $200,000 from a Bank of China account just one week before he transferred the $80,000.

Investigators say the money came from Trie's business associate in Macau, Mr. Ng Lap Seng, also known as "Mr. Wu," who was a frequent visitor to the White House.

The alleged money-laundering occurred just before President Bill Clinton's 50th birthday party celebration, a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee.

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GOP Investigators Claim New Money-Laundering Evidence Against Trie

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