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Gore Announces $865 Million In Homeless Grants

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 22) -- Vice President Al Gore announced $865 million in grants to homeless assistance organizations today.

"No child should not have an address for Santa to come visit," Gore said as he called on Americans to remember the 165,000 American homeless children during the holiday season.

A full $700 million of the Housing and Urban Development money is for so called "Continuum of Care" grants, which Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo described as HUD's new approach.

Instead of just funding programs that provide emergency care to the homeless, the Continuum of Care effort seeks to assist programs that provide individuals with job training, home placement and other more permanent help.

Cuomo said HUD is being transformed from a "Washington dictator to a community facilitator."

Gore and Cuomo also launched a new drive to collect 500,000 books for homeless children, with Gore reading "Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer" to a group of Washington-area homeless children.

Numerous corporate sponsors, including Disney and Time Warner, donated 200,000 books.

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Monday Dec. 22, 1997

Gore Announces $865 Million In Homeless Grants
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