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More Whitewater Indictments Could Come After February

By Bob Franken/CNN

WASHINGTON (Nov. 27) -- Jane Sherburne, who is leaving her post as the White House counsel dealing with Whitewater matters, says the Clinton Administration is "concerned" about more indictments of present and former administration officials once Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr finishes interviewing Clinton's former Whitewater partner, James McDougal, in February.

McDougal was convicted on 18 fraud charges in May. In an apparent bid for lenient sentencing, McDougal has since been cooperating with Starr's prosecutors.

Sherburne told CNN that White House officials thought more indictments before the first of the year were possible, but now believe any indictments by Starr's grand juries will wait "until after James McDougal is sentenced in February."

McDougal was supposed to be sentenced on Nov. 18. Because he has been cooperating with Starr, his sentencing has been postponed to Feb. 24.

McDougal's former wife, Susan, also found guilty in May, has been jailed for refusing to cooperate and now faces an additional prison term.

Sherburne said it is "hard to say" whether First Lady Hillary Clinton will be among those indicted. Mrs. Clinton has not been officially notified that she is a target of the grand jury investigation, but she was subpoenaed to testify before Starr's Washington grand jury earlier this year, the first time such a summons has ever been issued to a first lady.

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