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Dornan Files Challenge With House

Bob Dornan

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Dec. 27) -- Don't tag Bob Dornan as "defeated" just yet. The California Republican congressman, who drew 979 fewer votes than Democrat Loretta Sanchez on Nov. 5, formally filed a challenge to the election's results with the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday.

Dornan bases his challenge on reports of non-citizen voting. His claims were bolstered this morning by a Los Angeles Times story in which the newspaper found 19 noncitizens who said they voted. Most of the 19 were in citizenship classes, but had not taken the oath of citizenship. The Times did not say whom the 19 had voted for.

Dornan's House challenge is similar to a lawsuit; lawyers can take sworn testimony and issue subpoenas. The House Federal Elections Oversight Committee could even hold a trial.

Dornan's allegations include:

  • 100 people voted twice;
  • 1,985 more ballots were cast than the number of people who signed in to vote;
  • Hundreds of noncitizens and felons -- perhaps as many as 1,000 -- cast votes.

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