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Top Story: Top leaders make their pitch for "big citizenship."

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The Goals: Nation's most prominent leaders descend on Philadelphia to promote volunteerism.

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Cartoonist Bill Mitchell and his take on the summit

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Text of Summit Declaration

Two centuries ago, America was founded on the proposition that just as all people are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights, citizenship entails undeniable responsibilities. As each of us has the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, each of us has an obligation to give something back to country and community -- a duty to take responsibility not just for ourselves and our families, but for one another. We owe a debt of service to fulfill the God-given promise of America, and our children.

In this time of opportunity -- at the dawn of a new century and a new millennium -- the need for shared responsibility is self-evident.

The challenges of today, especially those that confront our children, require a special commitment of us all. People of all ages and from all walks of life must claim society's problems as their own, pulling together, leading by example, and lifting American lives.

Our obligation, distinct and unmistakable, is to assure that all young Americans have

* * *

Caring adults in their lives, as parents, mentors, tutors, coaches

Safe places with structured activities in which to learn and grow

A healthy start and healthy future

An effective education that equips them with marketable skills

An opportunity to give back to their communities through their own service

* * *

As Americans and as Presidents, we ask every caring citizen to pledge individual commitments of citizen service, voluntary action, the efforts of their organizations, or commitments to individual children in need. By doing so, this nation pledges the fulfillment of America's promise for every American child.

The Presidents Of The United States Of America

[Signed by]
Gerald R. Ford
James Earl Carter
Ronald W. Reagan (by Mrs. Nancy Reagan)
George H.W. Bush
William Jefferson Clinton

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