Summit Special Report

Top Story: Top leaders make their pitch for "big citizenship."

The General: Powell's high profile summit role fuels political speculation

The President's Declaration

Transcript: Colin Powell On CNN's "Larry King Live"

The Goals: Nation's most prominent leaders descend on Philadelphia to promote volunteerism.

Summit schedule

One Last Look:
Cartoonist Bill Mitchell and his take on the summit

Web Watch: The web offers many volunteerism resources.

Voter's Voice: Send us your thoughts and stories on volunteering.

Take A Stand: Do you volunteer? How often? Let us know in our online poll.

Bulletin Boards: Join the debate.



Oh, what a tangled web we've all woven. Let AllPolitics guide you to the key sites, with a new one every day and scroll on down for the old favorites.

Volunteerism Web Sites

Presidential Summit for America's Future
Follow the activities at the Summit, and read and respond to the plans for change that the delegates will be writing. You can listen to the presidential speeches on Monday morning, April 28.

Other Sites Associated With The Summit

Related Links


IdealList with a listing of 10,000 non-profit groups and searchable database to match users with volunteering opportunities in their area.

SERVEnet provides a forum for would-be volunteers and organizations looking for them alike. The site serves up tips and glossary terms for beginners and a zip-code search to find local projects.

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