Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

Timeline October '97

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Oct. 3, 1997 -- In a step toward the appointment of an independent counsel, Attorney General Reno announces she will extend for 60 days a Justice Department inquiry into whether the vice president broke the law by making campaign fund-raising phone calls from his White House office.


Oct. 5, 1997 -- Months after receiving a subpoena for information, the White House releases videotaped footage of the president meeting with campaign contributors who were invited to the White House coffees. The next day, Clinton says the late release was accidental.

Oct. 7, 1997 -- Former White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes testifies before Thompson committee, insisting "we played by the rules." The following day, Ickes continues his testimony.

Oct. 9, 1997 -- The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee begins public hearings on alleged campaign fund-raising abuses. Separately, Janet Reno said she was "mad" about the delay in releasing the White House video tapes. And in the largest fine ever collected by the Federal Election Commission, a firm agrees to pay $8 million to settle charges it made $129,000 in illegal campaign donations.


Oct. 10, 1997 -- Democratic sources release a videotape to the media showing Ronald Reagan making a pitch for funds at the White House to a group of GOP donors.

Oct. 14, 1997 -- The attorney general extends her preliminary probe into whether an independent counsel is needed for the president.

Oct. 22, 1997 -- The Thompson committee reviews videotapes of Presidents Clinton and Reagan entertaining contributors.

Oct. 24, 1997 -- The Washington Post reports that the GOP steered some $1 million to independent groups, leading up to the 1996 election.

Oct. 24, 1997 -- A memo obtained by The Associated Press documents a call the president made from the Oval Office to a group of contributors. Separately, Bob Dole offers to testify before the Thompson committee, and Fred Thompson invites the president to testify, as well.

Oct. 25, 1997 -- The White House declines Thompson's invitation for the president to testify before Congress.

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