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California's demonstration projects promote education and self-sufficiency by offering cash incentives to teenage welfare parents who attend school and maintain a C average. A larger cash bonus is given if they graduate high school.

Families are allowed to accumulate $2,000 in assets and have $4,500 equity in a car without losing benefits.

Families are also able to keep $5,000 in a savings account as long as the money goes towards the purchase of a home, business or to pay for education.

Recipients who work and receive minimal assistance will be allowed to opt out of the welfare program, yet still be eligible for medical care under Medi-Cal (the state's version of Medicaid) and child care.

Transitional child-care benefits are also available to welfare recipients who become ineligible because of marriage.

California will not increase assistance payments to families who have more children while receiving benefits, with only a few exceptions.

Minor parents are encouraged to live at home; the state will ignore the income of grandparents living in the household when determining the young parents' eligibility for benefits.


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