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South Carolina


South Carolina's program requires participants to prepare a self-sufficiency plan outlining skills, training requirements and, if necessary, substance abuse treatment.

Recipients then have 30 days to find a job in their job field. If they fail to find a job, recipients have an additional 30 days to find any job in the private sector. If this too fails, recipients must participate in a community work program in order to retain their benefits. Failure to follow the rules will result in the loss of benefits to the entire family.

South Carolina will also help those who have just found jobs. The newly employed can receive reduced benefits for up to a year and their families remain eligible for child care and Medicaid

Families are permitted to have $3,000 in savings. The cash value of life insurance policies, one vehicle and interest and dividends do not apply toward this total.

Children of recipients are required to obtain the appropriate immunizations and attend school regularly.

Benefits are limited to two years, and cash benefits are not available to children born 10 months or more after a family starts receiving aid, but the state will provide vouchers for child-related needs.

Families who apply for an extension when they have reached the time limit may be required to relocate and accept a job in another part of the state. South Carolina will provide relocation assistance and rent for the first month. The relocation provision applies only to families living in areas where the unemployment rate is 50 percent higher than the rest of the state.

Recipients may own a car valued at $10,000 and they may save up to $10,000 in an Individual Development Account.


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