Bowles To Stay On As White House Chief Of Staff

By Wolf Blitzer/CNN

WASHINGTON (Jan. 13) -- Reversing earlier reports that he would soon leave his post, White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles now says he will remain on the job "for a long period of time."


Meeting with the White House senior staff this morning and later with reporters, Bowles said he made his decision following many lengthy discussions with the president. Bowles said he decided the challenge of continuing to work at the White House was worth the personal sacrifices: emotional, financial and family.

For months, Bowles had signaled his desire to return to his family and business in North Carolina. Clinton made no secret of his desire to try to convince Bowles to remain.

Bowles also said he would try to convince other senior staffers to remain as well. Several have been thinking of leaving, including senior policy adviser Rahm Emanuel, press secretary Mike McCurry, counselor Doug Sosnik, and legislative affairs director John Hilley.

McCurry, who was sitting next to Bowles during his comments, refused to comment about his future -- other than standing up and joking: "Amen."

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