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Clinton Deposition Moved

President thinks the case will "probably" go to trial


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Jan. 14) -- President Bill Clinton's sworn deposition in the Paula Jones case, with Jones in attendance, will not occur at the White House, but instead will be held at the president's attorney's office at 10:30 a.m. ET Saturday morning, CNN has learned.

This news comes just a day after an interview in which Clinton said the case "probably" will go to trial.

Clinton's attorney Robert Bennett's office is just a couple of blocks from the White House. One source warns that the time and even the location could be changed.

The president and his advisors were anxious that Jones not be seen entering the White House for this purpose, sources said. The information is leaking out despite a strict gag order covering this entire pre-trial discovery process.


The president commented on the civil suit Tuesday during an interview with the chief White House correspondent and political correspondent of U.S. News and World Report.

In an excerpt released by the magazine, when asked if a trial was inevitable, Clinton said the case will "probably" go to trial.

"You know, I let my other people talk for me on that because I just try to put it over in a little box and go and do my work," the president said. "That's someone else's politics, not mine. So I've just got to focus on what I'm interested in."

Since the filing of the civil suit in May, 1994, Clinton's legal team has charged that Jones' accusations are not true and are backed by the presidents' political opposition.

Clinton denies Jones' charges that he asked her to perform a sexual act in an Arkansas Hotel room in 1991.

CNN's Bob Franken contributed to this report
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