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 Special Report: Jones v. Clinton

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The Jones Lawsuit: What You Think

We've received a ton of e-mail about Paula Jones' lawsuit and Bill Clinton's deposition. Here's a sample:

'A Dirt Bag From The Word Go'

I really think you "newsies" are so biased that you wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face. When Packwood was charged with less serious charges than that leveled at Clinton, you "newsies" and feminists were all over his case, with total coverage bordering on a lynching.

Well, how about Clinton? This man is a dirt bag from the word go. He is a liar, a cheat, and dishonest in word and deed. To add insult to injury, he totally disrespects women, and uses them for his own pleasure at every opportunity. But you liberal "newsies" and liberal feminists give him a free ride, because he fits the liberal mode. I wonder: How would you handle the news of this type if his name was Richard Nixon or Newt Gingrich? Enough said, Clinton should stand trial for his misdeeds just like anyone else.

-- Robert J. Trembly, Anacortes, Wash., Jan. 20

'So Disgusted With This Money-seeking Woman'

I am so disgusted with this money-seeking woman and her Republican behind-the-scenes backers. It's all about politics, the Republicans still don't get it. The PEOPLE don't care about these women who SELL their so-called story. It's all about MONEY. I'm disgusted and sick and tired that all one has to say is "he harassed me" and boom, they want millions of dollars. Why did she wait so long to tell her story? She's suing because she has been embarrassed? Hello! No one even knew who Paula Jones was or cared until she sold herself, whoops, her story. I guess it takes all kinds to make this world. Personally, I don't give a rip what her allegations are, as far as I'm concerned that's all they are. The Republicans are behind this, no doubt. I pray that the Republicans will spend as much effort in helping the millions of people in our country that are homeless, hungry, abused, (especially the children) instead of seeking low-self-esteem women who are willing to make fools of themselves in the world for some money.

-- Norma Lopez, Jan. 20

'All The Lies'

I believe Paula Jones' story completely. Nobody would have the guts to follow something the way she has followed this through all the lies that the Clinton White House has concocted, without knowing in her heart what the truth is.

-- Ben A. Robinson, Matthews, N.C., Jan. 20

'Irrational Vendetta'

Ever since she first appeared in Jerry Falwell's video "The Clinton Chronicles" for a reported $1,000 fee, it became clear that Paula Jones' case was about the right wing's irrational vendetta against Bill Clinton for having the audacity to win the presidency. Look at the people around her and you will discover the real reasons for this ridiculous lawsuit.

-- John Taylor, Jan. 20

'Leave Him Alone'

I think the president of the United States has greater things to contend with than to be burdened by the selfish interests of an individual citizen.

While in the White House, the president should be left alone to concentrate on the duty of running the country.

If the case is not strong enough to support impeachment action, then any proceedings should wait until he is out of the White House. At this time, his primary duty is to run the nation. Leave him alone.

-- Ricardo Zelaya, Jan. 19

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