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Starr's Investigation: Your E-Mail

We're getting a lot of e-mail about Kenneth Starr's expanding investigation and the allegations that Bill Clinton had a relationship with a younng White House intern and then urged her to lie about it.

Here's a sample, and if you'd like to comment, drop us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com. Be sure to include your name and home town.

'So Difficult'

It's so difficult to watch Kenneth Starr as he goes about thinking he's doing something important, something principled.


-- Frank Girolamo, Provincetown, Mass., Jan. 22

'A Few Brave Men Like Mr. Starr'

I'm thankful that my country still produces a few brave men like Mr. Starr, who are able to stand up to pressure and force us to recognize problems when -- and where -- they exist.

How often have we been forced to hear, "I don't remember," and "I did not do it," each time a new "situation" arises. (Or, finally, "I did it, in the case of his relationship with Ms. Flowers after years of absolute denial!) I'm very tired of the arrogant, "you can't touch me" approach handed to me by those in charge of running my country.

It's time.

Mr. Starr, I admire your courage and determination to do the best job you can, in an extremely volatile environment! My best wishes to you for what appears to be a thankless job.

Mr. Clinton, my advice to you: Keep a stiff upper lip, and your pants, er, chin -- up!

-- Dave Luyben, Jan. 22

'Give It A Rest'

Give it a rest. Thirty-five million dollars and five years and still no indictment of the president or his closest aides? Move on!

The American public, despite a vocal minority, has no interest in President Clinton's personal life. Nothing alleged against him even approaches the constitutional dimensions of the Iran-Contra or Watergate affairs.

-- Doug Matthews, Miami, Fla., Jan. 22

'Let The Man Do His Job'

I would like to say as a concerned citizen and a disgusted adult that I am by no means interested in the president's sex life. Let the man do his job.

-- F. Livaudais, Medford, Ore., Jan. 22

'Out Of Control'

Although there is more and more evidence pointing the finger, is it really for all of America to decide? I think this issue has gotten out of control. I don't agree with Bill Clinton on his issues, but isn't the president of the United States entitled to some respect? With the Miss Jones case, it has turned into a political issue. None of the sides are telling the complete truth. What are we teaching the youth of America? Think about it.

-- Katie, Washington, Jan. 22

'A Man Of No Moral Character'

Just another in the long list of scandals and associations with shady characters that have followed this man for the past dozen years. Sooner or later his continued associations with felonious individuals and charges of sexual misconduct have got to prove to us as a nation that this man has no moral character.

And I personally find it hard to believe that a man of no moral character leaves that trait behind when he moves from the bedroom (or Oval Office Coat Room) to the Oval Office.

-- David Rist, Hillsboro, Ore., Jan. 22

'Strung Up By His Thumbs'

Assuming that Miss Lewinsky is not in cahoots with Tripp and Starr, it is sickening to think that a vindictive woman with an axe to grind and a man who is hell-bent to destroy Bill Clinton had absolutely no qualms about destroying the future of a 23-year-old woman and humiliating her family in the process.

If the Lewinsky investigation turns out to be just another wisp-in-the-wind, Kenneth Starr should be strung up by his thumbs for his monumental waste of taxpayers money and his reckless effort to destroy the very Office of the Presidency.

It is a disgrace to this country that, while our president is holding important meetings with Netanyahu and Arafat, he has to take time out to answer more of Starr's nonsense. What in the Shades of Hades does a personal affair (assuming there was one) have to do with the Whitewater investigation? And why should either of these take precedence in the news over peace in the Middle East? Has the media gone crazy? Can't you see that this is partisan politics at its very worst? How much longer must we endure this madness?

-- Peggy Reeder, Deatsville, Ala., Jan. 22

P.S. By the way, I voted Republican the last two times. I was wrong.

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