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Transcript Of Donovan Campbell Comments

DONOVAN CAMPBELL, ATTORNEY FOR PAULA JONES: I'd like to make a brief statement first. As I think everybody knows, the court has allowed us to say publicly only that the deposition previously scheduled for today has been indefinitely postponed. So that's what we can say, and that's about all we can say about that.

QUESTION: Can you say you're disappointed?

CAMPBELL: Pardon me. Let me finish please.

On a broader note, let me say that this is a tragic situation. It's a tragic situation for all involved -- for the victim, for the presidency, for the judicial system for this country, and for the world. We wish that this had not arisen, but it has. Unfortunately sometimes a search for truth is tragic and disappointing, and that's what it has been in this case with respect to this particular matter. Now, I'll open it up for a few questions.

QUESTION: What do you mean by tragic? If you could expand on that.

CAMPBELL: Well, it's tragic that a young woman has been drawn into a situation like this as a victim, and we consider her to be a victim. It's tragic for the country that the office of the presidency has to go through something like this. It's tragic for the world because clearly the world is affected by what's going on. And it's tragic for the judicial system that possible indiscretions have occurred.

QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, given what you know -- and I realize that we're on a very thin line here because of the deposition -- what do you think the outcome of this is going to be?

CAMPBELL: Outcome of what?

QUESTION: Well, the situation with the president now?

CAMPBELL: I have no idea about the situation with the president. The outcome of the deposition, I expect, will be that eventually Judge Wright will make a decision as to whether the deposition will go forward.

QUESTION: But based on your knowledge of the president's past, what can you tell us as your speculation about what we will find out here?

CAMPBELL: I can't speculate about that. I can tell you that Paula Jones intends to prosecute her case in every legal and ethical manner. And we will continue to seek for the truth, and we will continue to try to win the case.

QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, is your team in any way in contact with Mr. Starr's office. Is there any level of cooperation there, or have they subpoenaed any of your people or asked for information from your team?

CAMPBELL: Well, we have received no subpoena from Mr. Starr's office. And I think it is safe to say that there is no communication between our office and Mr. Starr's office. Whether either side would want it, I'm afraid it's just not going to happen.

QUESTION: Would they have access to the president's deposition in any way? Can you help me with the law in that matter?

CAMPBELL: I really can't. That's -- Mr. Starr is dealing with criminal procedure. We deal similarly with civil procedure. I have no idea whether he can subpoena the president's deposition or not.

QUESTION: For the record, what is your reaction to this indefinite delay of her deposition today?

CAMPBELL: Well, we think...

QUESTION: How does it apply to your case and effect your case?

CAMPBELL: With respect to our case, we think that the temporary postponement will work for the good in our case.

QUESTION: Why is that?

CAMPBELL: The reason, I think, is that it will allow the victim to collect her thoughts and spend some time with her attorneys so that when she is ready for the deposition in the civil case -- if, in fact, it goes forward -- she will be more at ease in giving her testimony.

QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, do you want her to be offered immunity?

CAMPBELL: Well, we want her to tell the truth, and whatever encourages Monica to tell the truth is what we want.

QUESTION: Do you think this case is linked? Right now you do not consider this case is linked in a particular way?

CAMPBELL: The only case I know about is our civil suit, so I'm not sure what other case you're talking about.

QUESTION: Her sworn statement, thus far -- the affidavit says that she did not have any sort of sexual relationship with the president and was, in fact, [was not] approached [by] anybody trying to suborn perjury or anything like that. That is her sworn statement. Do you think that, that's going to contrast with what you will get under oath?

CAMPBELL: I don't know, Bob. All I can [say] about her sworn statement is what we read about in the press. That's subject to a gag order, as you know, because it has been filed under seal with the court. So if what the press says about her affidavit is accurate, then we would hope that if and when she is deposed in the Paula Jones case, she will tell the truth; whatever that is.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) ... Monica Lewinsky about supporting her in this case.

CAMPBELL: Pardon me?

QUESTION: Have you had any direct contact with Monica Lewinsky at this point or previous?

CAMPBELL: No, we have not.

QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, has the criminal case effectively trumped your case? Is your case on hold now because you can't get a hold of this important witness?.

CAMPBELL: Well, of course, it is difficult for us to say what process the criminal case will take because we're not involved in that; we're not in on that, so to speak. I will say that from the published media reports about the criminal investigation, it appears to us that Mr. Starr's office is about to catch up with us in terms of discovery and investigation. If that's true, it's probable that Mr. Starr's office will soon surpass us because they have so many more assets and research capabilities and agents, and we are limited in that.

QUESTION: The point of the question is: Has the judge effectively placed your case on hold and allowed Mr. Starr to pursue?

CAMPBELL: I don't think so. I don't read it that way at all. I think its normal for any federal court procedure for criminal matters to take precedence over civil matters if they are in the same court. These are not in this same court. The criminal matter is not in any court right now that I am aware of. Our civil matter, as you know, is in a federal court in Little Rock, Arkansas. And I don't read the judge's ruling as in any way slowing down our case for the criminal investigation, per se.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) ... Starr tried to talk to other witnesses in your case?

CAMPBELL: Well, I expect Mr. Starr will seek to subpoena and talk to a number of witnesses; some of which may be witnesses in our case, and some of which may not. I don't know.

QUESTION: Can you comment on the latest subpoena that you've sent out to...

CAMPBELL: No, Ma'am, we cannot comment on any subpoenas. Those are matters of discovery that are gagged by the judge in our case.

QUESTION: Have you had access to any of these recordings?

CAMPBELL: Pardon me?

QUESTION: Have you had access to any of these recordings?

CAMPBELL: That will be a product of discovery. All products of discovery in our civil case are gagged, and we can't talk about it.

QUESTION: What's the next week like for you in the Jones case?

CAMPBELL: Well, according to the published pleadings in this case and the scheduling order, we have until January 30 to complete discovery in the Paula Jones case. And there will be vigorous discovery ongoing until January 30. That's all I can say.

QUESTION: So what happens then if you can't have access to Monica Lewinsky before January 30th?

CAMPBELL: That has been taken care of.


CAMPBELL: I can't tell you. That's been taken care of. Two more question.

QUESTION: Mr. Campbell, how is your client reacting to all of this? What has her impression been to what she's heard?

CAMPBELL: Well, I think Paula Jones is also saddened by what has come out. In a way, if the allegations that have come out are true, then it would serve to bolster the pattern or practice evidence and pleading that Paula Jones has filed. But, Paula feels like Monica is a victim, just like Paula is. And Paula feels very sorry, and her heart goes out to all victims.

QUESTION: If the allegations are true, what does your client and what do you think the repercussions should be for the office of the presidency?

CAMPBELL: I can't address that. That's criminal matter. That's a Constitutional matter. I'm only here to address the Paula Jones civil suit, and whatever happens will happen. Thank you. Thank you.


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