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 Voter's Voice: Investigating Clinton (01-31-98)


Voter's Voice

All Things Lewinsky

We're still getting a steady stream of e-mail about Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr's investigation and news coverage of the controversy.

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'Media Abuse'

I think Kenneth Starr is digging up anything he can to try and destroy the president's credibility because he has spent several years trying on the Whitewater case and so far has come up empty. I think Mr. Starr has a political agenda and along with this Tripp person, she has a book deal in the making. What better time to make allegations? And she knew who to go to, you betcha. I say let our president do his job. I am 43 years old and I have never seen a president take the media abuse like this one. Are the Republicans that jealous of this popular Democratic president? I think if you turn over a few of their stones you might be surprised also. Let's move this great country of ours forward and forget this nonsense.

Thank you.

-- Charles D. Richardson, Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 8

'A Hollow Ring'

The Clinton camp proposes the problems the president faces are the result of a right-wing conspiracy and the lack of jurisprudence on the part of Kenneth Starr. These accusations have a hollow ring and bring to remembrance the desperate actions of President Nixon towards the end of the Watergate hearings.

The American people may have to go through the same anguish we went through with Watergate before the truth is finally known in regards to the Lewinsky affair. We need to patiently keep to our course, not be bothered by the push and shove, and await the truth before we make our final judgment.

If Clinton is found guilty of an affair he will lose the respect and admiration of a large number of Americans but not lose his hold on office. If Clinton is found guilty of lying under oath impeachment proceedings are a real possibility.

If Clinton is found guilty of all of the above and obstructing justice I do not see how even the most liberal supporter cannot call for his resignation and maintain their self-respect. If there is little to nothing to the allegations President Clinton will be exonerated and more popular than ever.

-- James P. Johnson, Urbana, Ohio, Feb. 8

'All The Toilet Bowls'

Do they call Ken Starr by his nickname? "Sen. Joe" McCarthy? They should. They both looked in all the toilet bowls they could find!

--Bob Reardon, Port Richey, Fla., Feb. 8

'Resign Or Be Replaced'

This constant drip...drip...drip water torture of 'alleged facts' has got to stop for the sake of the citizen's belief in our laws and judicial integrity.

It is not enough for Mr. Starr to now say he will investigate any impropriety of those working in his office. Where was he all this time -- earning that $1 million dollars working in his private practice?

Can you imagine the hew and cry the Republicans would have put up if another independent counsel had done just that? If Kenneth Starr could not and would not work on this matter FULL-TIME, he should not have been appointed to this position and he should not have accepted it. There are many others that would have done a credible job.

How can we believe the truth of the results that will come out of this disgraceful episode? It will cost us $40 million when most of these cases could have been handled by the Justice Department.

If Kenneth Starr can't control the work that his staff has done and he doesn't appear to be capable of managing it, he should either resign or be replaced, the sooner the better.

-- Sydelle Zabow, Elizabeth, N.J., Feb. 8

'A Dishonest President'

The news media seem to have needs to rescue Clinton, no matter what the issue is.

What's the connection? Why do news reporters continually try to deflect the real issue, a dishonest president who should not be trusted?

Of course, polls will show favor towards Clinton when the news constantly tries to create sympathy for Bill and Hillary. Frankly, I get nauseated when I keep seeing pictures of their fake "touchy-touchy" scenarios -- and I felt this prior to the recent sex scandal.

-- K. Lewis, Feb. 8

'A Track Record Of Lies'

It's not like this guy (the current occupant of the White House) doesn't have a track record of lies, obfuscations, cheating, etc. In my opinion, the only possibility of a constitutional crisis is if the Congress dodges its duty to protect the constitution from this man and his protectors.

-- Dave Walp, Herndon, Va., Feb. 7

'Don't Let Up, CNN!'

Don't let up, CNN! Keep pushing, keep looking, keep uncovering. We need to know the truth and will not get it from our president. In my opinion, there has been too LITTLE coverage lately of the scandal.

Yours truly,

-- Jay Edelen, Feb. 7

'Go To Any Length'

Susan McDougal's brother has accused Ken Starr of suborning perjury in attempting to force her to lie in testimony about the president's sex life in return for which he offered to drop all other charges against her.

Now Monica Lewinsky's lawyer has publicly made the same charge (i.e. getting her to lie about the president's role) ...

It seems that Starr will go to any length, forgive almost anything if only you help him nail the president.

It is time for Janet Reno to launch an investigation of this serious charge against the so called "independent" prosecuter Ken Starr.

Isn't suborning perjury a felony? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING, JANET RENO?

A disgusted World War II veteran,

-- Boris Pritcher, Miami, Fla., Feb. 7

'Already Decided'

I am deeply disturbed by the way so many people both Democrat and Republican have already decided that the president DID have a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

We have absolutely no evidence to support that contention. We haven't heard the accusers, much less the accused. Simply from the allegations, people have made up their minds. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

We have the tapes of Monica Lewinsky telling about it or do we? I haven't heard all 20 hours of tape. I haven't heard 20 SECONDS of tape. We have what someone CLAIMS is on the tapes, an unnamed source close to the investigation. That is NOT evidence!

As far as I know, the president has admitted to one extramarital affair when questioned under oath. That does not make him a womanizer. There are allegations of various sorts, including the Paula Jones case, but we haven't heard the evidence in that case either.

To prejudge someone without ANY of the facts -- much less all the facts -- strikes me as very un-American, and is a slap in the faces of the founding fathers of this country.

As for the president's reluctance to discuss the allegations with the press, I can't blame him. If I was the target of a criminal investigation, I too would refuse.

Remember, anything you say can be used against you. Just ask Miss Lewinsky. With Kenneth Starr on his tail for any little thing he can get to justify this colossal waste of taxpayer money, the president doesn't need to give him anymore ammunition. It's obvious Starr is playing hardball. Whether or not the president has anything to hide, his best move is to make them prove it without his help.

-- Bryan Maleckar, Georgetown, S.C., Feb. 6
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