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Clinton Hails Support Of Canada, Australia In Iraq Confrontation


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 10) -- President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that he was "pleased by the support we are receiving from all around the world" for a military strike against Iraq.

"Friends and allies share our conviction that Saddam must not be allowed to develop nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or the missiles to deliver them," he said.

"Yesterday the governments of Canada and Australia announced they are prepared to join the United States, Great Britain, and other allies in a military operation should one prove necessary."


The president said again, "I hope we can avoid the use of force. The choice is up to Saddam Hussein. Let the weapons inspectors back on the job with free and unfettered access. But if Saddam will not comply with the will of the international community we must be prepared to act. And, I am grateful that others are prepared to stand with America."

Clinton made his remarks at a Rose Garden ceremony announcing he is sending his economic report to Congress.

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Clinton Hails Support Of Canada, Australia In Iraq Confrontation

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