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GOP Disagreements Delay Campaign Finance Report

Public release pushed back to at least Feb. 23

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 10) -- Republican members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday could not agree on a final version of their campaign-finance report.

The press secretary for Chairman Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) told reporters the disagreement over unspecified "issues" would delay the official release of a final report at least until Monday, Feb. 23.

The Republican committee members plan to meet again Wednesday to discuss compromise language being drawn up by committee staff. However, even if agreement can be reached then, it would be too late to allow for release of a final report this week because committee rules allow Democrats 72 hours to register objections. That would prevent any release before Saturday, by which time the Senate is scheduled to be in recess until Feb. 23.

Thompson would not say what caused disagreement in Republican ranks. Democrats were circulating a report that conservatives on the committee were objecting to a proposal by Thompson to endorse some changes in campaign finance laws.

Thompson is one of the few Republicans who has endorsed legislation to tightened regulation of campaign contributions.

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