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Weyant 'toon

Chris Weyant

Based in New York City, Chris Weyant has had his cartoons printed in newspapers and magazines from Foreign Affairs to the San Francisco Examiner. Chris is also the creator of two online comic strips. He'd like to thank all of the Catholic school nuns who, in his youth, inadvertently taught him early on to lampoon all forms of authority.

In Other News

Tuesday February 10, 1998

Lewinsky's Mother Appears Before Grand Jury
Thompson's Panel Produces Dueling Draft Reports
White House Scandal At A Glance
Democrats Gather To Talk Strategy
GOP Disagreements Delay Campaign Finance Report
Lewinsky Controversy Has Some Conservative Groups Seeing Green
Tipper Gore To Lead U.S. Olympic Delegation
Satcher Confirmed As Surgeon General
Clinton Hails Support Of Canada, Australia In Iraq Confrontation

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