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White House Scandal At A Glance: Feb. 12

Today's developments:

  • Monica Lewinsky and her lawyer Bill Ginsburg returned to Washington. In a telephone interview with CNN, Ginsburg said Lewinsky is "very angry" about the way her mother is being treated by Independent Counsel Ken Starr. "I wonder if they have tortured Ms. Lewis and Ms. Lewinsky quite enough yet," Ginsburg said. "We'll see what happens."

  • Starr's office has subpoenaed an active duty uniformed Secret Service officer to testify before the Whitewater grand jury. Sources say Starr also informed the Treasury Department that he may subpoena additional officers and perhaps agents, the plainclothes Secret Service personnel in the president's personal security detail.

  • Justice and Treasury Department officials are continuing to consult, but have not yet formulated a legal position on whether members of the Secret Service can be required to testify against the president in a criminal investigation.

  • The Secret Service Officers Association says it has contacted Starr to express its concern about any potential subpoena of Secret Service personnel.

  • Former uniformed Secret Service officer Lewis Fox appeared for about 30 minutes before the Whitewater grand jury in Washington. Fox is the retired officer who has been quoted in media accounts as recalling visits to the Oval Office area by Lewinsky.

  • Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, did not appear for a third day of testimony as earlier expected. "As a result of yesterday's proceedings, which were very overwhelming and emotionally draining, she was unable to proceed again today," Lewis' attorney, Billy Martin, said.

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