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New Witness Says Lewinsky Told Her Of Clinton Affair

Jones' Attorneys Met With Tripp Before Clinton's Deposition

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Neysa Erbland
Neysa Erbland  

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 14) -- Another witness has come forward to say that Monica Lewinsky told her that she and President Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship, CNN has learned.

Neysa Erbland, a high school friend of Lewinsky, testified Thursday before a grand jury in Washington that is looking into charges that Clinton had sex with Lewinsky and asked her to lie about it under oath. Clinton has denied both charges.

A source tells CNN that Erbland testified that Lewinsky provided her with details about an affair with Clinton. She becomes at least the third person who is known to have come forward to tell of such admissions by the former White House intern.

The New York Times also reported Saturday that Erbland testified she heard tapes of messages on Lewinsky's answering machine left by the president.

Linda Tripp, a co-worker of Lewinsky at the Pentagon, and Ashley Raines, another friend from Lewinsky's days at the White House, have also said that Lewinsky told them she had an affair with Clinton.

It was Tripp's tapes of conversations with Lewinsky about Clinton that triggered an investigation into the matter by independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

Lewinsky's attorney files complaint

On Saturday, Lewinsky's attorney, Bill Ginsburg, announced that he has filed a formal complaint with the Justice Department over leaks from Starr's office

"Today we filed a formal letter, a five-page letter with the Office of Professional Responsibility...complaining about the consistent flow of leaks which we believe are from the office of the independent counsel, and which we believe are creating an unfair environment for this matter to proceed against Miss Lewinsky," Ginsburg said.

Attorney: 'Of course we spoke to Linda Tripp'

CNN has also learned that attorneys for Paula Jones, who is suing the president for sexual harassment, met with Tripp the night before Clinton gave his deposition in Jones' suit.

To bolster their case, Jones' attorneys have been investigating possible extramarital sexual encounters from Clinton's past.

"Of course we spoke to Linda Tripp. She was one of our sources for Monica Lewinsky," one of the lawyers who was present at the meeting told CNN.

The attorney said the meeting took place at Tripp's home in suburban Washington on Jan. 16.

For two hours, Jones' lawyers grilled Tripp about the specifics of her taped conversations with Lewinsky, but Tripp did not let the attorneys hear the tapes, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

It was earlier on that same day that Lewinsky's first lawyer filed an affidavit from her in the Jones case, denying that she had had a sexual relationship with the president.

That was also the day that Tripp, wearing a wire at the behest of Starr, lured Lewinsky to an Arlington, Va., hotel where Lewinsky was confronted by federal investigators who wanted her help in determining whether Clinton or his friend Vernon Jordan urged her to deny the alleged affair.

Report: President taken aback by Lewinsky questions

While the methods of Jones' attorneys are raising some eyebrows, Joseph Cammarata, who represented Jones before her present legal team took over, told the Post that covering all bases is just "good lawyering."

"To prepare in advance -- is that bad? What are you supposed to do? Walk in with a blank pad?" he reportedly asked.

The meeting with Tripp allowed Jones' lawyers to ask Clinton about specific items, like gifts, he allegedly gave Lewinsky.

According to the Post, the president was so taken aback by the nature of the questions during his six-hour deposition that when he returned to the White House, he called his personal assistant, Betty Currie, and asked her to meet with him the next day so they could compare notes.

Newsweek reports on Lewinsky's e-mails

Tripp and Lewinsky
Tripp and Lewinsky  

Newsweek magazine is also reporting in its latest edition that e-mail messages from Lewinsky to Tripp contain references to her alleged relationship with Clinton.

The e-mails are apparently from the period that both women were employed in the public affairs operation at the Pentagon.

On Feb. 13, 1997, according to Newsweek, Lewinsky messaged Tripp, saying "I will also be checking my messages in the hopes that that the creep will call and say 'Thank you for my love note. I love you. Will you run away with me?'" Lewinsky adds to Tripp, "What do ya think the likelihood of that happening is?"

The following day, Valentine's Day, Lewinsky messaged Tripp to say that Clinton hadn't called her. "Nice that the big creep didn't even try to call me on V-day...he could have called me last night and didn't."

Newsweek says it obtained hard copies of the e-mail from sources with access to Lewinsky's e-mail.

Justice, Starr agree to let ex-agent testify

Late Friday, the Justice Department and independent counsel Ken Starr reached an agreement that clears the way for former Secret Service officer Lewis Fox to testify in front of a grand jury.

Under the agreement, Fox will be able to tell grand jurors what he knows about a possible meeting between Clinton and Lewinsky. But Fox will not be asked questions pertaining to security matters or protection of the president.

The agreement covers only Fox. Starr and the Justice Department are still negotiating whether, and under what conditions, other current or former Secret Service personnel will testify.

Government sources say the Justice Department and the Treasury Department have been at odds over how to deal with requests from Starr for Secret Service personnel to testify before the grand jury. The Secret Service is a division of the Treasury Department.

Treasury officials maintain that Secret Service personnel should not be subject to subpoena because of privilege and national security concerns. Justice officials are said to disagree.

Lawyer: Fox not sure Clinton alone with Lewinsky

Lewis Fox
Former Secret Service officer Lewis Fox will testify in front of the grand jury  

Fox, who was an officer in the Secret Service's uniformed branch, has said in several media interviews that he saw Lewinsky go into the Oval Office in late 1995 while Clinton was there.

However, Fox's lawyer, Michael Leibig, tells CNN that Fox does not know whether Clinton was actually alone with Lewinsky.

Leibig said Fox recalls only that he saw Lewinsky go into the Oval Office with a package for the president but does not know if other people were inside, as there are several entrances.

Reporters first approached Fox after he was overheard in a restaurant saying he knew Lewinsky from his work in the White House.

On Saturday, Steven Smith, president of the association representing uniformed Secret Service officers, said he has included this warning to members in his latest newsletter:

"Be aware of your surroundings .. I don't think it's up to any one of us to go outside the White House complex and make general chitchat of what we see in the White House."

CNN Correspondents Eileen O'Connor and Pierre Thomas contributed to this report.
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Saturday February 14, 1998

New Witness Says Lewinsky Told Her Of Clinton Affair

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