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Clinton's Lawyer Moves To Dismiss Jones Lawsuit

By Bob Franken/CNN

WASHINGTON (Feb. 17) -- President Bill Clinton's private attorney in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case has filed a summary judgment motion to have the case dismissed.

Bob Bennett's motion to dismiss Jones' lawsuit was filed well ahead of a March 13 deadline. Nevertheless, attorneys for Paula Jones have 14 days to respond. The case is set to go to trial in late May.

Asked why he filed ahead of the deadline, Bennett told reporters, "We want to get this case resolved and resolved quickly."

His motion reads, in part, "Plaintiff [Jones] has failed to produce evidence showing the existence of essential elements of each of her claims. Therefore President Clinton is entitled to judgment as a matter of law."

The filing continues, "President Clinton adamantly denies that he sexually harassed Paula Jones at the Excelsior Hotel on May 8, 1991, or behaved improperly in any ways towards her at any time."

Bennett's motion also says that "... even as alleged by plaintiff, the purported encounter at the hotel is not actionable and therefore has been a total failure of proof as to required elements of plaintiff's claims."

Bennett's motion also attacks Jones tactics: "Plaintiff spent 99 percent of her discovery efforts attempting to substantiate rumors that President Clinton made sexual advances to other women. But, she has failed to establish that she personally has a cause of action."

Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, claims then-Gov. Clinton made unwanted sexual advances to her in a Little Rock hotel in 1991. She also claims she suffered a hostile work environment as a result of rebuffing his proposition.

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