House Republicans Authorize New Subpoenas For Teamsters And DNC

By Brooks Jackson/CNN

WASHINGTON (Feb. 19) -- Some House Republicans Thursday threatened to charge the Democratic National Committee with contempt of Congress if DNC officials fail to comply with a series of new subpoenas in a probe of the Teamsters union.

An investigative subcommittee authorized subpoenas for the DNC, the Teamsters and three other groups by party-line votes. Republicans overrode every objection raised by the lone Democrat present, Rep. Patsy Mink of Hawaii. Mink said the subpoenas were too broad and were drafted without any consultation with Democrats.

Republican Chairman Pete Hoekstra said the subpoenas show his Investigations and Oversight subcommittee "will no longer tolerate delays or stonewalling" in its Teamsters probe.

Rep. Charles Norwood said of those subpoenaed: "We're going to have to cite them for contempt of Congress" if they don't comply. Mink called that remark "highly irregular," but Hoekstra replied by accusing the DNC of "gamesmanship" and saying: "We set the rules. The DNC doesn't."

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Thursday February 19, 1998

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House Republicans Authorize New Subpoenas For Teamsters And DNC
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