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Jones' Lawyers Say Clinton Lawyers Made Settlement Offer

By Bob Franken/CNN

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 25) -- Attorneys for Paula Jones claim in a written statement that a lawyer for President Clinton broached a settlement offer a week after the Monica Lewinsky matter erupted.

According to the statement, Mitchell Ettinger, an associate of Clinton personal lawyer Robert Bennett, suggested on Jan. 30 that the president was willing to make an out-of-court settlement offer in the $700- $750,000 range.

Jones' lawyers say they countered a week later with a $900,000 offer, but Bennett then called to say Ettinger was not authorized to make any offer.

Ettinger has issued a statement denying the offer.

"At no time did I make a settlement offer to Paula Jones' lawyers on behalf of President Clinton," Ettinger's statement said.

Sources close to the case tell CNN they consider chances of an out-of-court settlement "less and less likely."

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