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 Vernon Jordan Arrives to Begin Grand Jury Testimony(03-03-98)


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More Lewinsky Letters

We're still getting a steady stream of letters about the grand jury inquiry into President Bill Clinton and whether he had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Here's the latest, and if you'd like to comment on the news of the day, send us e-mail to response@turner.com

'Abused Its Power From the Get-go'

The whole issue has now become "Starr is out of control" and not "Clinton and cronies are out of control."

Any informed person can see that this administration has abused its power from the get-go. Those who remember the antics of Gov. Clinton can see a clear pattern of lying, obstruction of justice, and illegal financial dealings. The bimbo part was never a sticking issue, note two elections as president, but I think if the American people would concentrate on the big picture and not the damage-control spin they would see a person with whom they should not entrust their lunch money (or their daughter).

Now they've brought their act to Washington.

-- Jeff Strunk, Erie, Pa., March 2

'A Human Punching Bag'

The reason Ken Starr's favorability ratings are so low is because of a systematic propaganda machine coming out of the White House. Starr has no way to respond. He is in effect a human punching bag. The first hint of a response brings only more attacks. James Carville said on "Meet The Press" Sunday that his objective is to so discredit Starr that any report he issues will be seen only as partisan and totally rejected. This sounds to me to be obstruction of justice. Where are the Republicans' defense of Starr? Their silence is as contemptible as the hysterical propaganda coming from the White House.

-- Paul Messersmith, New Orleans, La., March 2

'Trample All Over The First Amendment'

I have watched Starr in the last couple of weeks trample all over the First Amendment and to my dismay, not a word of concern from Janet Reno's office. What is she waiting for? This man is completely out of control and needs to be reined in or better, sent off to the cushy job promised him for persecution, not prosecution of the president. Sens. Helms, Faircloth and their good buddy, Judge Sentelle, ought to stop this charade and quit spending taxpayers' money on this vendetta.

-- Paul Lewis, Ayer, Mass., March 2

'Not The Rocket Scientist Category'

Am sure the loud, vocal critics of Ken Starr's tactics really do not believe all this stuff they are saying. Most must be fairly smart people or they would not be where they are at. Any smart person has to admire Ken Starr for doing a very good job. If he was not doing a good job you would not hear all this phony criticism. Is rather obvious from all the call-in and talk show participants that the only ones who truly believe all these criticisms are not the rocket scientist category.

-- Jim Ruppelt, Naples, Fla., March 2

'A Mockery Of Our Legal System'

For the first time in my long life, Kenneth Starr has frightened me about the future of our courts and Constitution, our civil rights being trampled on, witnesses being harassed and forced to incur huge legal expenses, and young people who might have wanted to be of service to this government, will not want to do so because of the abuses exposed by Starr. History will not be written for fear of being hauled in for questioning.

Starr has made a mockery of our legal system and made us a laughing stock before the rest of the world.

-- Sydelle Zabow, Elizabeth, N.J., March 2

'Doing His Job'

My opinion, as an attorney who has dealt with prosecutors for many years, is that Starr is doing his job and Clinton is obstructing him from performing that job by attempting to investigate Starr and his staff, and by going to the press with false and libelous statements.

Thank you.


-- Phil Trovillo, Ocala, Fla., March 1

'Mortally Dangerous'

It is a sure bet that the Clinton Protection Ring (CPR) is now working on a strategy to keep Vernon Jordon from talking too much. I would not be surprised if Clinton does not admit the whole affair with Monica, just to keep attention off Jordon. I suspect Jordon is mortally dangerous to this administration.

-- Russ Prather, Indian Trail, N.C., March 1

'Get On To Something Important!'

Get on to something important!

-- Tim Stone, White Salmon, Wash., March 1

'Scared To Death'

From all the news reports I see and hear I would say the president and the other people in the White House are scared to death. They must believe Mr. Starr has a ton of evidence and are attacking him to make him look like the bad guy. The White House pit bulls should view the videos of themselves saying the things they do and they would see how stupid they look. It is a darn shame that the president has to resort to this kind of behavior. He did say that his administration would be the most ethical administration ever. Some quote, huh! Wait and see. Mr. Starr is no dummy.

Thank you,

-- Terry Forbes, Campton, N.H., March 1

'Doing What He Was Hired To Do'

Ken Starr is doing what he was hired to do and he is doing it in the guide lines of the law. Lawrence Walsh used the same guidelines and no one complained about his subpoenaing Oliver North's wife, so what is the problem with calling on Monica's mother for a little information?

Any Republican who is complaining about Starr going too far must have skeletons in the closet and should resign from office.

Asking Starr to quit or back off would be like asking a prosecutor to back off when he found the evidence to convict a murderer!

-- Bob Schieve, Sedona, Ariz., March 1


We should all be outraged that the White House is orchestrating an all-out attack on Ken Starr rather than allowing him to complete his work in a timely fashion. We will have ample time to "vent our spleens" after digesting the final results of the investigation.

-- Rick Mease, Grants Pass, Ore., March 1

'Hide Behind Executive Privilege'

I think that your country would be better served by a president that doesn't have to hide behind executive privilege and use private investigators to dig up dirt on his detractors! The idea that anyone in your country would be more concerned about the tactics of the independent counsel than the behavior of your president is astounding!

-- Iain Brown, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, March 1

'Every Penny Spent'

Ken Starr is doing the job we are paying him to do. Every penny spent is well worth it!

-- Ronda Miller, Elizabethtown, Pa., March 1

'Sit Down And Shut Up'

Many people forget one salient point when it comes to the attack on Ken Starr by Clinton's minions. Before Starr makes any move in his investigation, he has to get the permission of the three-judge panel as well as Attorney General Janet Reno. I understand that one of the judges on that panel was even appointed by a Democratic president. Any one of those people could put the brakes on any one of Starr's requests at any time. So far, they haven't.

Clinton's supporters contend Starr is an autocrat with the power to do anything he wants, anytime he wants, without any accountability. But like just about everyone else in this world, he has a boss to answer to.

My main point is this: If Ken Starr were over-stepping his bounds, there are a host of people who could step in and stop him. Since no one has, the Clintonoids should sit down and shut up until solid proof to the contrary comes to light.

-- Lee Groves, Friendly, W. Va., March 1

'Dig Up Dirt'

The real waste of taxpayer money is the use of investigators by the White House to dig up dirt on the special prosecutor. Like it or not, Starr has a legal responsibility to carry out a mandate for him to complete the investigation of suspected corruption in the Clinton Administration. He did not create the situation. Conversely, please tell me on whose or what authority the Clinton gang relies to use taxpayer dollars in an effort to derail and interfere with the special prosecutor's work.

-- Norman W. White, Madison, W. Va., March 1

'An All-time Low'

I believe that Clinton has taken the position he occupies as president of the U.S.A. to an all-time low. If CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc. pursue this intern issue with the same vigor that they have done to others in public office (such as Hart), then I believe Clinton will have to come clean.

However, if the media (including TV) gives a pass, then Clinton will remain with us for three more years and will likely run again for the office when he can. Starr is only doing his job, though I think that having Blumenthal to testify was a mistake!! Can you imagine what the media and the Democrats would have said if Reagan or any of the Republican presidents would have used private investigators to dig up dirt on the opposition?

-- E. R. Ramirez, Port Isabel, Texas, March 1

'White House Political Hacks'

In regards to the dog-and-cat fight going on over the numerous scandals of the present occupants of the White House, Ken Starr is a lawyer doing the job he was appointed to do. Bill and Hillary are lawyers; everyone the media has had on all the news shows are lawyers. Many people think all lawyers are shysters. What's going on? Let Starr gather the evidence in peace, present the evidence to the Judiciary Committee and there the decision will be made. This needless speculation over conspiracy and Starr being out of control is such an obvious smear campaign by White House political hacks that the public is becoming very tired of it.

-- Bruce Hiott Sr., Adkins, Texas, March 1

'His Own Web Of Continuous Lies'

I believe Mr. Clinton is caught in his own web of continuous lies and coverups. This time when Jordan testifies he will know what is like to turn on a friend as he has done so many times in the past. Mr. Starr may not be perfect, but remember, Mr. Clinton could fire him at any time, but if he did, who would he have as a scapegoat for all the leaks coming out of The White House? The Slickmiester has met his match.

God save us if Al Gore becomes president.

-- Manny Pinares, Carol Stream, Ill., March 1

'A Sociopathic Liar'

Bill Clinton is a sociopathic liar. The Gennifer Flowers incident proves it. He says he cares about innocent children when it's expedient to do so, and supports partial birth abortion the next. He came out as the champion of health reform in his first campaign, and has supported various other socialist-leaning causes since, but when the polls support a strong right-wing agenda, such as in the last presidential campaign, he turns tail in the other direction in support of the agenda his ideas opposed.

What does Bill Clinton stand for? Getting power, keeping power and looking good. Most of all, the only consistent thing he has stood for is Bill Clinton. The Monica Lewinsky issue -- enough of an issue to request his resignation in my mind for its immorality and abuse of power and position -- is simply another example of how twisted this White House is.

When you're accused, demonize your accuser, whether it's "That woman, Miss Lewinsky," or Ken Starr who should be considered a hero by the American people for going after the truth. Most lawyers are trained to win at all costs, without consideration of what is true or moral. The American people need to see the truth about the president and support those helping to find out what that is. I don't know who's less trustworthy: Saddam or Bill? I know I can expect them both to lie and do so convincingly.

Character does matter. That's the meaning of the Lewinsky scandal.

-- Forrest Messenger, Seattle, Wash., March 1

'A Political Comedy'

It is disgraceful. What started off as a legitimate investigation into an alleged criminal wrongdoing by the president that should be settled in a court of law is now being twisted and turned into a political comedy by mercenary White House spin doctors. Starr is doing his job well as an officer of the court. He is not there to do political battle. But he is being dragged through the mud by people who hope the shameful episode can just go away by making it look murky. Clinton is as guilty with Monica Lewinsky as he was with Gennifer Flowers. Poor man has a sex problem that makes him a congenital liar. But that does not exonerate him from his guilt of lying to the American people. Ginsburg is a cunning cookie. He has his eyes on history instead of on the interest of his own client. He is defending the president, not his client. By antagonizing Starr, he is subtly turning Starr's gun away from Clinton to Monica. Poor Monica looks like she's on her way to jail now.

-- J.K. Lee, Penang, Malaysia, Feb. 27

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