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 Jones v. Clinton



Sources Confirm Aspects Of Clinton Deposition

Jones lawyers want to reinterview Willey

By Bob Franken/CNN browning

WASHINGTON (March 6) -- Sources present when President Bill Clinton was deposed in the Paula Jones civil rights case confirm to CNN, as reported in the Washington Post, the president disputed an account that he had a long-running affair with Dolly Kyle Browning.

Clinton, who was questioned under oath on January 17, denied the affair with Browning, described as a childhood friend, sources said.

Browning previously testified that she had an affair with Clinton, sources said.

Meanwhile, Jones lawyers have asked Judge Susan Webber Wright, to consider a request they be allowed to reinterview Kathleen Willey, say sources familiar with the Jones legal strategy. Willey has testified in a previous deposition in the Jones case that Clinton made unwanted sexual advances toward her.

Now the Jones lawyers want to ask Willey about reports a wealthy democratic fund-raiser, Nathan Landow, tried to get Willey to change her story about the president. Landow has denied any impropriety.

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Sources Confirm Aspects of Clinton Deposition
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